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Ferrari supports FIA restructure “position of Michael Masi”



Ferrari supports FIA restructure

Ferrari launched the new F1-75 for 2022 on Thursday, but that news was largely overshadowed by the FIA’s simultaneous announcement regarding the departure of Michael Masi as race director.

Mattia Binotto says Ferrari backs the FIA’s decision to restructure how race control oversees Formula 1 grands prix after the controversial ending to the 2021 title race.

On Thursday afternoon, newly-appointed FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem announced a number of changes agreed by the F1 Commission following an inquiry into the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The most notable point was the FIA’s decision to remove Michael Masi as race director while setting up a virtual race control, similar to VAR in football.

Speaking after the launch of Ferrari’s new challenger – the F1-75, Binotto said the team supported the FIA’s decisions.

“Something that has been fully analysed and discussed with the other team principals, Binotto said. “I think what happened in Abu Dhabi has been over-discussed, over-analysed, [for] months and weeks and I think the fact it took so long shows the complexity of the matter.

Ferrari supports FIA restructure position of Michael Masi

“There is nothing obvious. What happened there, such is the complexity, it is very difficult to say that anything was made wrong, or right, any mistakes or not. Certainly I think when you are taking such decisions you are always under a lot of pressure in the heat of the action. That is true for the FIA, it’s true for the teams, it’s true for whoever is working in that difficult environment, because the pressure is certainly very, very high.

“The communications from teams to the race director certainly doesn’t help, so overall, I think it was not an obvious and a difficult decision to take. We all need to fully trust the FIA for its indolence and its capacity to take the right decision and move forward, and in that respect we can only support it.”


Carlos Sainz thanked Masi for his contributions as race director and is hopeful he will be given “a lot of responsibilities” in his new role with the FIA as the drivers trusted him.

“Personally, I would like to wish Michael all the best in his new role, I’m sure he will be given a lot of responsibilities because we as drivers – or me at least – we trust him in whatever he has done lately and he’s done for the benefit of Formula 1,” Sainz added.

“I also welcome the new race directors and I’m sure they will have a very difficult task to complete, like we saw the last few years in Formula 1 it’s a very difficult role, especially filling in the shoes of the late Charlie [Whiting] who we all definitely miss.

“But we also accept that this role needs to be done properly, needs to be supported like the FIA is planning, so I actually like what I see and what the ideas are from the FIA so hopefully we can keep improving as a sport and the ruling of the sport can keep improving to give more clarity to all the Formula 1 drivers but also the fans and teams.”

Ferrari supports FIA restructure “remove Masi as race director” Ferrari supports FIA restructure “remove Masi as race director”

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