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Ferrari launch F1-75 car



Ferrari launch F1-75 car

After Haas, Red Bull, Aston Martin, McLaren, AlphaTauri and Williams, it was Ferrari’s turn to unveil its car for the new season. The Italian team officially presented its new F1 car, called F1-75, on Thursday February 17, 2022.

Ferrari has revealed their latest Formula 1 car, the F1-75, in an online presentation from Gestione Sportiva in Maranello.

The 68th Formula 1 car created by the iconic Italian manufacturer features a very distinctly new look due to the combination of the new regulations and a brand new shade of red, especially developed by the Ferrari Style Centre.

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of Ferrari, the F1-75 will also feature a celebratory logo, alongside the Italian flag, the mark the achievement.

“The F1-75 is the expression of the talent, commitment and passion of each and every one of us.” said Mattia Binotto, Ferrari Team Principal & Managing Director.

“It is the end result of the work of a team that, like never before, has tackled the task with a new spirit and approach, pushing to the maximum in terms of innovation of every component, every detail, every solution.”

“Striving to be innovative gave us an incredible boost in our daily work, on the way to producing this car. I am proud of the work that has gone into designing the F1-75.”

“We know that expectations are high and we are ready to go up against our opponents. That’s the best part of this challenge and it’s what makes our work so fascinating.”


“I would like the F1-75 to be the car that allows our fans to once again be proud of Ferrari.”

“Our goal is to reignite the Prancing Horse legend and we can only do that by winning again. That will require a fast car and two great drivers and we have them.”

The team claims that their engineering team have taken an innovative and unconventional approach to the new regulations with the lower nose and revised suspension the stand out difference.

“The rule changes in 2022 are undoubtedly the most radical of the last 40 years.” said Enrico Cardile, Ferrari’s Head of Chassis.

“As a team we adopted a systemic and integrated approach to the challenge, defining clear priorities among the many objectives, often at odds with each other.”

“In tandem with the car development, we improved our simulation tools, to bring light into the dark corners that existed in the past.”

“Aerodynamics was definitely our number one priority. We approached it with an open mind and seized the opportunity of the rule changes to go in many different directions, bucking the trends of recent years.”


“This open-mindedness has extended to the development of the suspension: the new rules have imposed a general rethink, with the aim of giving us the flexibility to manage a brand-new car concept and tyres with different properties to those used up until now.”

“In short, so many variables came into play, making it a challenging and exciting exercise.”

The F1-75 will again be driven by star drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in 2022. While Scuderia Ferrari will also have Antonio Giovinazzi and Mick Schumacher available as reserve drivers. Robert Shwartzman steps into the role of test driver and will take part in two Friday free practice sessions during the course of the season.

Ferrari launch F1-75 car Ferrari launch F1-75 car

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