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Mercedes teases image of W13 F1 car for 2022



Mercedes teases image of W13 F1 car for 2022

Mercedes teases image of W13 F1 car for 2022.

Welcome to 2022 – the year when Formula 1 hopes to transform itself into a far more open and competitive championship with a package of rule changes. Here’s another chance to read our guide to what’s new

Formula 1 revealed its promotional car for the new 2022 regulations at Silverstone ahead of the British Grand Prix last year.

The regulations were originally intended for the 2021 season before being postponed thanks to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mercedes has given fans a glimpse of what its 2022 car, the W13, could look like in a New Year’s Day social media post, which shows the silhouette of what appears to be their new car.

F1 has introduced revolutionary new rules for 2022 which sees the technical regulations completely overhauled in an attempt to improve the on-track action.

The new cars will produce most of their downforce from the floor, cutting the amount of turbulent air that comes off the back of the car, which makes it difficult for those following to remain close through the corners.


Up to now, we have only seen renders and a full-scale model of the new car, and whilst the image posted by Mercedes is likely just another render as it appears very similar to the F1-produced model, it does provide a further glimpse into how the new cars will look.

The image appears to show a black – or possibly silver liveried car given the photo has been heavily darkened – with the sponsor decals blurred out. Only the Mercedes logos remain visible.

The caption that accompanies the post says: “New year. New Me-rcedes.”

Mercedes recently confirmed it had fired its 2022 car up prior to the Christmas break, whilst Haas confirmed its car had passed the mandatory crash tests. Teams will likely begin unveiling their cars in mid-February, with pre-season testing in Barcelona scheduled for the last week in February.

Mercedes teases image of W13 F1 car for 2022 Mercedes teases image of W13 F1 car for 2022

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