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F1 2021 – Binotto’s verdict of Leclerc and Sainz



F1 2021 Binotto s verdict of Leclerc and Sainz

Mattia Binotto, the Ferrari team principal, said he is happy to let the pair duel as they respect the boundaries of acceptability.

Ferrari rebounded to finish third in F1 Constructors’ Championship in 2021, still has a long way to catch Mercedes, Red Bull.

Charles Leclerc scored two poles and a podium while newly-recruited Carlos Sainz, who replaced four-time champion Sebastian Vettel, fitted the team like a glove, taking four podiums, finishing each race. A closely contested season finished 164.5 to 159 in Sainz’s favor, though Leclerc was 14-6 up in races where both classified.

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto is unquestionably delighted with the pairing of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

Ferrari had a much-improved season, finishing P3 compared to a horrendous P6 last season, their worst in four decades. This was helped by undeniably the strongest pairing on the grid currently of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

No wonder boss Mattia Binotto is delighted with their chemistry, and what it promises for the Scuderia in the coming seasons. Ferrari last won a title in 2007, but this pairing has it in them to break the jinx this decade.

“If we evaluate the performance of the pair we saw that they pushed and helped each other.


“I think one helped the other, even in those races when one of the two didn’t immediately find the right feeling with the track and the set-up.

“We are happy with Carlos and Charles as a pair, they understood the needs of the team in a year that wasn’t easy, they understood the team’s orders, like when they were asked to reverse positions, something they always did without ever arguing.”

Binotto’s verdict of Charles Leclerc 2021
“Charles as a driver has grown further.

“His talent and speed are unquestionable, as is his ability to put in important and impeccable laps in qualifying.

“He has also grown in his approach to racing, in his understanding and management of the tyres, as well as in his management of the race, also from the point of view of strategy.

“So we have seen a Charles who has made several steps forward compared to last year.”

Binotto’s verdict of Carlos Sainz 2021
“I think his results speak for themselves.


“In 20 of the 22 races he has been in the top 10, managing to finish every Grand Prix. We chose to have him with us precisely because of his ability to score points, and he has confirmed this quality on the field.

“Then he was very fast and confirmed a great ability to integrate into the team, a process in which I also give credit to the team for the work done in the winter on the simulator and beyond.

“So I’m happy for Charles’ continued progress, which has confirmed a significant growth, as well as for Carlos’ performance, which has allowed him to maintain the expectations of the eve of the race.

“For both of them the vote is 8.”

F1 2021 – Binotto’s verdict of Leclerc and Sainz F1 2021 – Binotto’s verdict of Leclerc and Sainz

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