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FIA will review F1 finale after controversy



lewis hamilton mercedes FIA will review F1 finale after controversy

FIA will review F1 finale after controversy, and Toto Wolff wants “transparency” in FIA’s review of the Abu Dhabi GP.

The motorsports governing body for Formula One said it will conduct “a detailed analysis” and review of the wild ending at the f1 season finale that decided the championship in favor of Red Bull driver Max Verstappen.

The FIA said Sunday’s title-deciding Abu Dhabi Grand Prix had created a controversy that is “tarnishing the image of the championship.”

Verstappen claimed his first world title when he passed Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes on the final lap. He was given the opportunity after a key decision by race director Michael Masi

Toto Wolff wants “transparency” in FIA’s review of the Abu Dhabi GP

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff wants the FIA to be transparent in their review of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and says the time when decisions could be made “in backroom deals” is over.

The day before Mercedes announced they will not appeal the controversial decisions that were made at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the FIA announced they will perform a review of what happened in the race to make changes for the future.

Toto Wolff was asked if he is confident that the review will be transparent, considering that in the past the FIA made a behind-closed-doors settlement with Ferrari concerning their 2019 engines.

“I think in this day and age of transparency, such decisions cannot be made anymore in backroom deals,” Wolff said.

“And why I am optimistic is that most stakeholders in the sport will share my frustration on the decisions that have been made all throughout the year.

“Everyone who is a racer, you guys [the media], us, knows what happened. Nevertheless, I have confidence because we will be all pulling on the same rope in the same directions.

“The teams and I have feedback from the teams and the drivers, I had assurances Peter Bayer [FIA Secretary General for Motor Sport] and Stefano [Domenicali, F1 CEO] that in the next weeks and months, we will close the gaps that have opened up more and more over the last few years,” concluded the Austrian.

FIA will review F1 finale after controversy FIA will review F1 finale after controversy

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