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Mercedes F1 Sends a Strong Message to its Fans



Mercedes F1 Sends a Strong Message to its Fans

Mercedes F1 Sends a Strong Message to its Fans.

The 2021 F1 season has been one that will be talked about for eons to come. While drama and controversy ran throughout the season, it has been an emotional rollercoaster of a ride.

The season had its highs, and it definitely had its lows. And some of these lows were disappointingly painful.

After the difficult week dealing with the fallout from the controversial ending of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the Mercedes team sent out a holiday message to fans.

The message in which Mercedes thanks the fans for their support has been posted on the team’s social media accounts.

“To our Mercedes family,” Mercedes wrote.

“202 1 has been a year packed full of intensity, emotion and drama. Fierce battles, soaring highs and heart-breaking lows,

“Alongside this season, we’ve continued to navigate an ever-changing world, we’ve kept pushing to make our sport more inclusive and diverse. And we’ve worked hard to ensure our online community is a safe space for F1 fans.

“Through the ups and the downs in 2021, we’ve had your amazing support pushing us forward, picking us up on the difficult days, and joining us in celebration on the good ones. For that, we can’t thank you enough.

“Now, we take a moment to pause and catch our breath. We hope you can do the same over the holidays, spend time with family, friends and the wonderful fan community right here.

“Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year,” Mercedes concluded.

All of us here at would like to wish Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all of the hard-working people at he Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team!

Mercedes F1 Sends a Strong Message to its Fans Mercedes F1 Sends a Strong Message to its Fans

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