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F1 2022 – Wolff thinks more teams will be “capable of winning”



F1 2022 Wolff thinks more teams will be capable of winning

The 2021 F1 season draws to a close, attention will immediately turn to preparations for 2022’s all-new rules.

F1 will receive one of its biggest technical overhauls for next season, with a seismic shift in the aerodynamic regulations, which should act as a soft reset for all of the teams in the championship.

The new regulations have been paired with a number of changes to the driver line-ups following a busy transfer market, with one rookie and one returnee making their way onto 2022’s grid.

There’s further changes afoot too, with a brand-new race on next year’s calendar and the expected return of some old favourites that were cut from the schedule amid the COVID-affected timetables in 2020 and 2021.

In 2022 Formula 1 will be radically overhauled under dramatically different aerodynamic rules. Toto Wolff thinks more teams will be “capable of winning”.

The Formula 1 cars in the 2022 season will look radically different, because of dramatically different aerodynamic rules.

This prompted a lot of teams, Mercedes among them, to abandon the development of their 2021 cars early, to focus on their 2022 challengers.


Toto Wolff told Speedweek that he expects to see a shakeup on the grid next year.

“I think it’s going to be much more compressed next year because we’re all operating under the same budget cap,” the Austrian said.

“The big teams still have an advantage of the investments they have done in the past, but I wouldn’t rule out any other team that started with development very early.”

Going even further, Toto said he expects there will be more contenders for race wins than in previous years.

“That’s exciting. A new era starts. I think we will have exciting races with more teams being capable of winning.

“I hope the cars are exciting and we have to look positively into next year and what is ahead of us,” Mercedes’ team boss concluded.

F1 2022 – Wolff thinks more teams will be “capable of winning” F1 2022 – Wolff thinks more teams will be “capable of winning”


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