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F1 2021 Italian GP – Hamilton and Max clashed – Verdict



F1 2021 Italian GP - Hamilton and Max clashed - Verdict

F1 2021 Italian GP – Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen clashed – Verdict.

Daniel Ricciardo has taken a sensational victory in the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix in a race dominated by a dramatic clash between the title protagonists.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen clashed at the Turn 1-2 chicane midway through the race, eliminating both and opening the door for Ricciardo to claim his first win since 2018.

It’s debatable which driver loses the most from this racing incident.

Of course, you could say that a pair of zero scores makes this a neutral outcome but arguably Hamilton lost slightly more with this collision.

He lost out two vital points to Verstappen in Saturday’s sprint race and after coming off second best in their opening lap skirmish he looked set to lose even more.

Then Red Bull gave Hamilton a gift with that 11.1-second pitstop and it looked like the momentum had swung back towards a Hamilton win.


Instead, the collision inadvertently ensured Hamilton never got that chance. It’s impossible to know who would have triumphed had the title rivals made it around the corner but the clash guaranteed that Verstappen holds his championship lead out of Monza and it’s Hamilton who needs to do the chasing – and take slightly more risks.

F1 2021 Italian GP - Hamilton and Max clashed - Verdict

F1 title rivals collide spectacularly at Monza

A new flashpoint has reared its head in the intense Formula 1 title saga after Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton clashed in an Italian Grand Prix won by Daniel Ricciardo.

Recovering from a slow pit stop, Verstappen tried to round up Lewis Hamilton as the Mercedes star himself emerged from the pits on Lap 26.

Verstappen lunged deep under brakes to hang around the outside of Hamilton into the first chicane, only for the two to collide as they jockeyed for position.

The contact launched Verstappen’s Red Bull into the air, its right-rear tyre landing on the halo protecting Hamilton’s head.

Verstappen wasted no time in storming away from the scene, seeming to indicate he was left no room upon returning to his team garage.

Hamilton had to wait a little longer to escape the scene, with the #33 still perched on top.

The incident follows the bitter aftermath of a high-speed accident between the pair while battling for the lead on the opening lap of British Grand Prix in July.


That brought weeks of jabs at one another in the media between drivers and teams.

The fallout of their second coming together of 2021 is that Verstappen retains a five-point lead in the drivers’ championship.

The Dutchman had looked set to extend his advantage, running second versus Hamilton’s fourth throughout the opening stint, until pit stop troubles brought him undone.

The pair had actually had a moment on Lap 1, with Hamilton running wide at the second chicane as Verstappen defended hard.

The Lap 26 incident will be investigated by the stewards post-race.

Mercedes ultimately widened its lead in the teams’ championship thanks to Valtteri Bottas’ impressive drive to third after starting 19th on the grid.

Red Bull’s Sergio Perez had crossed the line third, but with a five-second penalty hanging over his head for gaining an advantage by leaving the track in an exchange with Charles Leclerc soon after the sole Safety Car.


Ricciardo led home Lando Norris in a one-two for McLaren.

F1 2021 Italian GP – Hamilton and Max clashed – Verdict F1 2021 Italian GP – Hamilton and Max clashed – Verdict

F1 2021 – Ricciardo wins Italian Grand Prix – Max and Hamilton collide

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