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I would do the same for my team – Lewis vs Alonso



I would do the same for my team - Lewis

Following several wheel-to-wheel battles, Lewis Hamilton passed his former team-mate Alonso on lap 65, before moving ahead Carlos Sainz two laps later.

“Now looking back on it, it was amazing”– Lewis Hamilton talks about his epic battle with Fernando Alonso in Hungaroring.

Despite being won by Esteban Ocon, the Hungarian Grand Prix was more about the person who helped him in providing it– Fernando Alonso, who had an epic battle with Lewis Hamilton.

The duo shares a hostile history of more than 14 years, and it reflected on the track on Sunday, where Alonso exhibited one of his best defensive appearances.

Eventually, Hamilton pinned the Spaniard, but at the cost of remaining P3 (eventually P2 after Sebastian Vettel’s disqualification). Looking back onto it, Hamilton says it was one classic battle.

Lewis vs  Alonso

“Now looking back on it, it was amazing,” Hamilton told RacingNews365 website “It really was fantastic. I wish the cars could follow closer. [I’m] excited for what the cars are like next year [to see if it] eradicates some of that bad drafting that we have here.

“It’s a challenging circuit to overtake in general and to follow, particularly in that last sector. But great wheel-to-wheel battles, I mean, it literally was wheel-to-wheel at least once.

“I don’t really have too much more to say about it. When you’re racing against a two-times World Champion, he probably is one of the hardest drivers but fair. I’d say today it was maybe a little bit over on the limit.”


Though Hamilton didn’t hold the same opinion during the race, as he called Alonso’s defence as dangerous, which for some was ironic citing Hamilton’s driving in Silverstone.

Hamilton believes that Alonso showed extra determination against him for his teammate, and it was evident after Ocon and Alonso embraced each other at the paddock.

“I totally get it, and I would do the same for my team,” the British driver said.

I would do the same for my team – Lewis I would do the same for my team – Lewis

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