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Vettel about Mick Schumacher : I am flattered by his evaluation




Mick Schumacher, son of Michael Schumacher, has been signed by Haas for the 2021 F1 season, and his impressive F2 performances have gained him much support, including from fellow driver Sebastian Vettel, who has expressed his willingness to assist Mick in any way possible, similar to the guidance Michael provided to Vettel in his early career.

The recruitment is intriguing, and F1 is fully supportive of it, given the attention that the Schumacher name can attract. Michael Schumacher’s son has earned the opportunity, as his performance in the F2 season has been consistently impressive, although there may still be some doubts.

He has a very likable personality, and if he demonstrates real potential in F1, it will be effortless for fans to support him. As the Haas team’s driver, he will not face significant pressure, allowing him to focus on gathering valuable experience and data.

Sebastian Vettel has expressed his willingness to assist Mick Schumacher in getting ready for his upcoming F1 debut. Schumacher’s appointment as a driver for Haas in the 2021 season was confirmed earlier this week, with the announcement of a multi-year contract.

Being a long-time admirer of Schumacher, Vettel has expressed his eagerness to aid Mick in his career in whatever capacity possible. Michael Schumacher, a seven-time F1 world champion, sustained severe brain injuries in a skiing accident in December 2013 and has not been seen publicly since.

Vettel has stated that he is pleased to extend his assistance to Mick Schumacher. Vettel holds a deep admiration for Michael Schumacher, and therefore, he has a special connection with Mick as well. Vettel expressed sadness that Michael could not witness his son’s progress in recent years, including his entry into Formula 1.

Vettel stated that he shares a good rapport with Mick and is eager to share his knowledge and experience with him. Vettel sees himself in a position similar to that of Michael, who provided valuable guidance during Vettel’s early career. As a four-time world champion, Vettel is determined to assist Schumacher in the best possible way.


Vettel acknowledged that Michael’s career achievements surpass his own and that Mick has probably watched more of Michael’s races than Vettel’s. Nonetheless, Vettel believes that he can offer Mick valuable assistance both on and off the track by sharing his own experiences from his career. Vettel sees himself as someone who can aid Mick in various aspects of his life and career.

Vettel emphasized that it is crucial for Mick to establish his own unique path and pursue it. However, Vettel acknowledges that Michael’s guidance played a significant role in his career and he hopes to offer the same support to Mick. Vettel believes that sharing his own experiences and advice with Mick could prove valuable for him as he navigates his career in Formula 1.

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