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Hamilton said he doesn’t think the 2020 season will be more difficult



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Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes driver, has stated that he does not think that preparing for the upcoming 2020 season will be any more challenging for his team than it has been in previous years.

Although teams like Ferrari and Red Bull have made significant strides in recent times, Hamilton is confident that Mercedes can overcome these challenges and deliver another championship-winning season next year. He credits the team’s resilient character and their ability to work tirelessly to achieve their goals as the key reasons for their success.

Hamilton elaborated on his views, stating, “I don’t believe that preparing for the 2020 season will be any more difficult than any previous year. The end of every year is always very challenging, and I am confident that the team is more than capable of handling it. The guys are always ready and willing to put in the hard work required to achieve success.”

Hamilton added, “Each year the team sets an incredibly ambitious target, and they work tirelessly to achieve it, fueled by the same high level of passion and determination. Thus, there will be no change in our approach this year, and we will continue to push ourselves to the limit.”

Hamilton acknowledged that Red Bull, in particular, will be aiming for a strong start to the 2020 season, thanks to their engine supplier Honda. He believes that it’s essential for the Mercedes team to be prepared for a tough challenge from their rivals right from the start of the season in Melbourne.

Hamilton stated that he is uncertain about the reasons behind Red Bull’s strong performance in the latter part of recent seasons. Nonetheless, he acknowledges that Mercedes cannot control their rival’s performance and must focus on their own efforts to prepare for the 2020 season.

Hamilton anticipates that the Mercedes team will continue to perform at a high level next season, just as it has in the past. He believes that the team’s best approach is to focus on delivering their best performance and putting in the same level of hard work and dedication as they have always done, to ensure that they have a successful 2020 season.


Hamilton confessed that he is uncertain about what the 2020 season will hold, saying, “To be honest, I have no idea how the upcoming season is going to play out. Red Bull has typically been strong towards the end of the year, and at specific circuits, such as Brazil, they have been particularly competitive.”

Hamilton pointed out that he is unsure why Red Bull tends to start the season off slower than teams like Ferrari and Mercedes. However, he believes that this pattern may change, and they must prepare themselves for the possibility that Red Bull could have a strong start to the 2020 season.

Hamilton emphasized that the team’s main priority is to concentrate on their own performance and strive to do their best, irrespective of how their rivals fare. The team’s approach is to focus on their job and work hard to deliver the best results they can achieve.

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