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F1 2020 : Zandvoort is back



f1lead_f12020_formula_1_grand_prix_GP_F1_F1 2020 ZANDVOORT IS BACK

Circuit Zandvoort is renowned for its “old school” track style, which includes fast, banked, and challenging corners, shaped by natural dunes. At 4.3 kilometers in length, the circuit is relatively short, and drivers often zoom past the race fans. The short pit lane allows for three-stop strategies, guaranteeing action-packed races.

The Dutch Grand Prix was a fixture on the Formula 1 calendar for the championship’s first 35 years, but after a 35-year hiatus, Zandvoort is back for the 2020 season. The circuit has undergone modifications since Niki Lauda’s 1985 victory, including being truncated and altered.

In preparation for Formula 1’s return, the track has been resurfaced, and modifications have been made to Gerlachbocht and, most notably, the final corner, which is now banked.

Additionally, upgrades have been made to the paddock facilities, and fan access has been improved. The Zandvoort race weekend will take place from May 1-3, with Formula 2 and Formula 3 as part of the support package.

Jarno Zafelli, the head of Dromo, stated that their responsibility is to elevate the circuit to meet the necessary standards for Formula 1.

Zafelli added that they are working in collaboration with Zandvoort, the FIA, FOM, and the drivers to determine the best course of action for adjusting the track. They are fully engaged in the process of making the necessary modifications to ensure that the circuit meets the required standards for Formula 1.

Zafelli emphasized that while there will be some visible changes, there will also be modifications that are not noticeable to the audience. The objective is to maintain the track as a classic circuit while ensuring that it meets Formula 1 standards. He clarified that he has no intention of destroying the heritage and structure of Zandvoort.



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