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F1 2020 is a make or break season for Sebastian Vettel



f1_lead_2020_formula_1_grand_prix_GP_F1 2020 IS A MAKE OR BREAK SEASON FOR SEBASTIAN VETTEL

As he enters the last year of his contract with Ferrari, the German driver is facing significant pressure from his teammate, Charles Leclerc. This pressure has intensified further with Leclerc’s recent contract extension, which will keep him with the team until the end of 2024.

The four-time world champion is currently in a difficult situation as he awaits confirmation from Ferrari about whether he and his teammate Leclerc will have equal status. Additionally, ongoing media speculation linking Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari has added to the pressure. The driver had dreamed of emulating his childhood hero, Michael Schumacher, and leading the Italian team to championship glory, making these challenging times for him.

Despite the apparent pressure and limited time, Vettel remains resolute and believes that he has nothing to prove to anyone except himself.

In response to whether he still wants to demonstrate that he is the best racing driver in the world, Vettel affirms to Germany’s that this is precisely why he is still in the sport.

Furthermore, Vettel emphasizes that proving it to himself is the most valuable thing to him.

Vettel goes on to explain that it is impossible to prove it to everyone, and he does not place much importance on that.

While acknowledging that some people may appreciate his skills, Vettel points out that not everyone will like his performances. He does not want to come across as selfish, but ultimately, he does it for his personal satisfaction.


Vettel expresses his deep passion for the sport, stating that he loves what he does and is very ambitious. He also highlights his motivation and goal of achieving something with his team. Ultimately, he wants to prove to himself that he has the capability to reach his objectives.

Having won four world championships, some might argue that Vettel has already demonstrated his skills and capabilities.

Vettel disagrees with that perspective and explains that he does not think that way. Winning in the past does not lead him to believe that he does not need to win again.

Vettel clarifies that he does not believe his past successes will necessarily translate to future victories. However, he does consider himself extremely fortunate to have had multiple opportunities to prove to himself that he can compete at the highest level and emerge victorious against formidable opponents.

Vettel asserts that he does not wake up every day thinking he is the best. While he acknowledges that some self-help books may suggest that approach, it does not work for him.

Vettel explains that such books are not helpful to him, and he does not follow them. He further clarifies that he does not wake up thinking that he is the best and invincible. However, he is aware that he has the potential to be the best and can defeat the best.

Vettel acknowledges that this realization gives him immense satisfaction. He desires to demonstrate his capabilities while achieving his goals, particularly with his current team. Winning with this team is particularly important to him, and while he has yet to achieve this feat, he remains determined to do so.


Although Vettel is known for his appreciation of the sport’s history, he has stated that he has no interest in the legacy he will leave behind.

Vettel explains that he holds a deep appreciation for the sport’s history, and as a fan, he values its significance. However, he does not consider himself a fan of his own career or legacy.

According to Vettel, he is fully aware that he drives the car and does not require any external validation for this fact.

He does not wake up thinking about being an F1 driver or his accomplishments. While the numbers and statistics are important to him, he is more concerned with the legacy he leaves for himself rather than what it may mean to others.

Vettel views his driving as a personal pursuit for himself, his team, and his supporters, acknowledging that not everyone in the world will be on his side.

He considers it a privilege to interact with people from various cultures but recognizes that F1 operates in a bubble. While he acknowledges that it is unlikely to leave a lasting legacy for others, he wants to create a legacy for himself through his pursuits.

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