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Marko – Hamilton possible salary negotiations with Ferrari for 2021




Rumor has it that Lewis Hamilton may leave his current team at Mercedes if he wins his seventh world title in 2020 and matches Michael Schumacher’s record. He is said to be considering a move to Ferrari and there is even speculation that he could bring Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff along in a joint transfer.

During a conversation with Motorsport Total, Helmut Marko was asked if the rumors about Lewis Hamilton moving to Ferrari were being spread by Mercedes to create tension within the Ferrari team. However, Marko believes that there may be more to the situation. He stated that he does not think such a game is being played and suspects that it is actually about contract negotiations. Marko speculates that if Hamilton is in talks with the highest-ranking officials at Ferrari, it is likely related to financial considerations, such as his salary.

As Lewis Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes is set to expire at the end of 2020, the contracts of four other drivers from top teams are also expiring. Out of these drivers, only Charles Leclerc is guaranteed a seat for 2021 as he recently signed a contract extension with Ferrari that runs until 2025. The other drivers whose contracts are expiring are currently uncertain about their future in the sport.

Helmut Marko sees the talks between Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari President John Elkann as a clear indication that they are exploring potential business opportunities and considering their options. As an advisor to the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team, Marko believes that such discussions are not left to chance and are likely to be part of a well-considered strategy.

According to a statement made in’s New Year’s review, the meeting between Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari President John Elkann is seen as a strategic move in a game of cards. The article suggests that both Hamilton and Toto Wolff may be trying to create difficulties for Ferrari by exploring the possibility of a potential move to their team. However, it is important to note that this statement represents only one opinion and may not necessarily reflect the views of all experts in the field.

Helmut Marko disagrees with the theory that Lewis Hamilton’s meeting with Ferrari President John Elkann is solely a strategic move to cause problems for Ferrari. He believes that the meeting is significant and likely related to contract negotiations. Marko suggests that if Hamilton is engaging in discussions with the top officials at Ferrari, it is most likely part of ongoing financial negotiations. This perspective suggests that Hamilton’s potential move to Ferrari is driven by his contractual demands and financial considerations, rather than a desire to create problems for his potential new team.

Helmut Marko views the meeting between Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari President John Elkann as a political move in the world of Formula 1. He suggests that all decisions related to the sport are made at the highest levels, and that such meetings can play a significant role in shaping the future of the sport. While Marko does not explicitly suggest that Hamilton is guaranteed to join Ferrari in 2021, his comments suggest that the possibility of such a move is not being excluded. Ultimately, it remains to be seen what the outcome of the ongoing negotiations will be and whether Hamilton will indeed end up moving to Ferrari.


Marko Hamilton salary Ferrari Marko Hamilton salary Ferrari


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